Matt and I would like to thank Willie for the beautiful wedding cake!  It was perfect and tasted wonderful.  We had enough that we were able to bring the top layer home for ourselves!  Everyone commented on how good it tasted and we sent some of them home with extra pieces!  That was in 2010 and now we call her our family baker because she has made all of our cakes for all of our family occasions.

~Jan and Matt Easterbrook  -  Atascadero, CA

Willie, I would like thank you for your extraordinary level of service. My wife is severely allergic to
 lactose and we were getting married in Santa Barbara 8 years ago.  We called many bakeries in Santa Barbara to request a lactose-free wedding cake.  Incredibly, the answer was "We could, but we won't."  They all mass-produced their cakes and would not make anything special.

Somehow we thought to call around San Luis Obispo (my wife worked in the area at the time)  and we found you!  You made a sample for us and the chocolate cake you made was delicious.  It was even more delicious after you adjusted it for us.  Thanks to you, we had a beautiful cake and my wife could eat it, too!

Over the years, you've made her a few birthday cake using the same recipe.  I only wished that we lived closer so that we could have more of them.

~Regards, Fred Chong - Santa Barbara, CA 

Willie's cakes have been a family birthday and celebration tradition since I can remember.  I have grown up on the Peaches and Cream (my personal fav), Strawberries and Cream, and the Heath Bar Chocolate cake, just to name a few. 

I personally recommend Willie to anyone looking for the best cake I have ever tasted and to top off their special occasion with a treat sure to please everyone.  Thanks Willie!

~Jennifer Van Beurden  -  Los Osos, CA

What can I say, your baked goods are the best!  My most favorite cake of yours is the Peaches n Cream Cake.  It is so good!!  I have had it many times and it's always fresh, moist and delicious.  I have also had many of your yummy cookies!  They are all great and I don't have a favorite.  Oh, but your red velvet cake with cheesecake is to die for too!  I have been enjoying your baked goods since I have worked for Marge, so for 14 years!!!  Lucky me.

~Leona Osborn -  Los Osos, CA

I have know Willie for almost 30 years.  She has baked some of the best desserts I have ever tasted.  Her cheesecakes are some of the best around, and she makes some unbelievable flavors.  She has baked for famous people like Jack & Elaine LaLanne, Senator and Mrs. Bob Davis, Barbara Streisand and James Brolin, just to name a few.  She doesn't just make great cakes; she makes great desserts, etc. , and she makes them with passion.

~Mari Stiles - Los Osos, CA

I have been a happy customer of Willie Vey's for the past 15 years.  We (my family and I)  have always been extremely happy with her desserts.  The carrot cake she makes, I believe is hands down - the best I have ever had.  It' s so moist and full of nuts, with cream cheese frosting topping it off perfectly..  I have also had the honor of having Willie make my wedding cake a few years ago.  Willie prepared three different small cakes for us to taste (we picked the flavors).  They were all so good, so we chose to have all 3 of them on our 3 tiered cake...yum.  It was so nice not to have the worry of things "not going right" and just not knowing without a doubt that she would take care of that part of the reception. And I was not disappointed!  The cake was beautiful with the table and everything looking just perfect.  The many compliments we received on the cake, well we knew we had made the right choice.  My favorite cake is White cake with raspberry and Bavarian cream filling with whipped cream frosting.  Willie is kind, honest, professional woman.  I will continue to do business with her!

~Joan Parker, Paso Robles, CA

When my grandson was a freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (2008) we stayed at the apple farm Inn when visiting him.  The first morning we ate at the restaurant and my daughter said that I had to have one of the Cinnamon rolls.  Well it was positively delicious.  Each time my grandson came home from college during the next 4 years, he brought cinnamon rolls from the Apple Farm Bakery.  There were none like these.  One Christmas when I was trying to think of something special which I could make for Christmas morning, I called the Apple Farm Restaurant and Bakery and got the baker's name.  That was Willie Vey.  I emailed her and she graciously emailed me back with the step-by-step recipe for cinnamon rolls.  When I was making them, I got stuck from time to time and either emailed Willie or called and she graciously got me straightened out.  My family said they were very good but I know they will never be as good as the ones Willie makes. Her cinnamon rolls are delicious but above that she has been so kind to share the recipe and then graciously took her time to help me make them via email and phone calls.  Thanks Willie for being so nice to me!

~Walleen Smith  -  San Diego, CA

Willie's red velvet cupcakes are out of this world, yum, yum!  I love everything and anything that she makes, it is all very tasty!

~Marisa Blewett Buck  -  Atascadero, CA

Anytime we need quality baked goods, we go to Willie.  She has made specialty items for our family for several occasions.  We Love her gluten free cakes too.  She has made birthday, graduation, and wedding cakes for us over the past 8 years.  She's always very prepared, easy to work with and even delivered her delicious finished product with a smile.  We recommend Willie's services every time.

Will and Maria Sapone - San Luis Obispo, CA

These cakes are out of this world! All you want is more.  Every birthday, anniversary, and special occasion in our family wouldn't be complete without one.

Barb Fischer  -  Arroyo Grande, CA

We have been ordering Willie's fabulous Carrot Cake since before my son was born, for his baby shower, and every birthday since, and now he has graduated from high school.  I tell everyone to order cakes from her as well as her desserts.  She has also baked for my husbands restaurant, Cool Cats, wedding cakes and special occasions.  Donna Silacci - San Luis Obispo, CA
Crazy Cake

wedding cake at the Apple Farm

birthday cake


Simply put, Willie Vey is the best baker in the County! We have been lucky enough her exquisite cookies, bars, cakes and pies for 12 years now and we are truly the lucky ones. One taste of her fine simple, clean ingredients, you will be hooked forever!

Julie- SLO Roast Coffee
SLO Roasted Coffee

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